blogAsmell App….really!?!

Good Monday friends!!!  The sun is shining in the windows….the babies are napping ~ well, if you call crying “I’m not sweepy…OH..OOOOH..oh meeee……I prwomis I am not sweepy!” taking a nap then we are on the same page!  (I think I am smiling..but it could just be a headache forming and my face is starting to squint) BUT on the positive note…I am in a room by myself…taking refuge in my key board!

pink typing

MMMM…smell that? We should really get a blogAsmell app so you can actually scratch and sniff the screen for room content/smells!  I am cooking Chicken.  I threw in some soy sauce, brown sugar and pineapples.  Oh my!! It smells so good!!! I can’t wait for Chad to get home and we eat!  You should try it!  Measurement? Nah….I guess it was about 1 cup of pineapples (chopped) to 1/2 cup soy sauce and brown sugar. Should be scrumptious!  Wanna come over???  Yes, I am still taking my Plexus.  I drink my water and am pretty good during the day…but dinner is always a treat when I cook! I want it to be I am always trying new things with food here these days.  I have actually made some great dishes….even tested them on my sister and brother-in-law. I sometimes think that Andy is my biggest critic …and if I can convince him that my food is good…bringing ice and bread for the holidays will be someone else’s job for now on! Atleast until I make another pound cake mistake! Oh that thing will be death of me!  I have the best mother-in-law ever…and even she said “No worries, honey, if we don’t like it we will throw it out the window on the way home!” Ha Ha Ha Ha…I still laugh out loud when I think of that! Bless her! I actually think she and Papa Sam ate their piece!  They have to love me to endure such travesty!

bd cake

I am so proud of myself! I am on my second round of 54 ounces of water…..really trying to beat my all time record of just one of those a day.  I actually stole my husband’s….well, borrowed sounds better 🙂 ….water jug. You know, the one you get from Circle K that reads “Polar Pop!”  It is 54 oz of cold water all day long! I love it! But it poses a problem when I have to put it in a cup holder! This sucker is not fitting in any normal cup ring!  BUT I STILL TAKE IT! I used to chuckle every time my Granny would grab her huge mug and drag it in the house with her….half hanging over her walker/cane and spilling along the way. I would have to fill it back up when she got inside! Makes me smile just thinking about it! You gotta love those in your life….that bring a curve upwards on your face!

Well, friends……..I hope your day is PINK – remember to look through those rose colored glasses  at those you love….because they maybe looking back at you the same!  Stay pink…….and keeping drinking the PINK DRINK if you do! It is amazing!

Until tomorrow, Perpetually PINK,  ~



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