Black Friday and all that CRAZY!!!

Good morning! It’s a crisp Saturday morning here….in the Coastal Region and I am up waaay too early! My back is out and what I was hoping for was a good morning to sleep in.  But I am fine with time to write and prepare for the upcoming Black Friday Deals! Yes, indeed….my crazy family gets me up at the most insane hour and we go shopping!!!   Last year we were in Myrtle Beach and I will tell you, if you ever get a chance to spend Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach (or live there) – it is the best place to shop.  I try NOT to venture out into Walmart during Black Friday, but in Myrtle Beach we were greeted with a smile and a map….then we were on our way to every item we wished to find.  We even had folks handing us items as we approached the shelf/bind!!!!  There were no lines…no crazy old women pushing their way through or backwoods, half dressed women diving into the big boxes of pillows and sheets where you see “everything” as they search for what they want.  Every now and then you get hit by sheets being thrown in a crazy manner to everyone surrounding the binds.  It’s crazy!!!!  Folks get inhumane during this time of year! When did it become about sales and “stuff” and not about Family…..time together……and most importantly, Jesus?! And it is only going to get worse! But, here I am…searching ads for Black Friday.  Yes, I am crazy too!


Putting Black Friday to the side……I will have to finish our little time together… sweet baby girl just woke up…rather early on a Saturday morning.  She didn’t sleep very well.  So, loving time begins right now.  Have a blessed Saturday.



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