Wounded Soldiers….and one proud wife!


“When I lay my head down every night and I go to sleep in peace. I can stay there knowing all is well while you’re standing on your feet. Thank you! Oh, thank you! men and women and brave and strong…”

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and I am so proud to say that even though my husband has not served in the Military….what a privilege he had to escort the wounded soldiers to the Island, yesterday.  Folks from all walks of life were lined up along the roads with red, white and blue ….flags waving in the breeze and hands waving in sure pride to those that have served and are serving each and every day to protect what we, sometimes, take for granted — FREEDOM!

And to all those wearing the blue or whatever color they represent….equally proud of you as well. Thank you for being willing to be in the middle of the danger so that we don’t have to!


I am one proud wife! What a privilege to stand next to a man that gives his all to protect those around him! He is third generation police and with the number of his father behind his badge….what a roll to follow in! May the Lord continue to bless and protect him on a day to day basis! I know that Veteran’s Day is not geared towards the local police, but as we think of those that SERVE on a day to day basis….may we not forget those that serve on a local basis as well!



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