I Smelled Jesus!

Its been very hard to be of a quiet spirit here lately.  God is good about giving us the right things when we need them and my four year old is usually the vessel He chooses to use!  With my Daddy in the hospital and me stuffed up….my spirits have been down. My heart has been worrisome and my mind….well….it’s there half of the time.  As some of you may know, my Dad has been having quite the difficulties with his health.  About 4 weeks ago he  went to the emergency room with a swollen leg and pain shooting upward.  My first thought was heart.  I automatically think heart because of all the difficulties he has had in the past with his heart. After all, he HAS been through two heart surgeries! Upon arrival at the ER, we found out that Dad fell. Fell?? What?? Dad has a way of not sharing these things with us. I learn a lot by being in Sunday School Class with him….he forgets that I am there when he starts “sharing”.  Back to the fall…. he fell while trying to get on the big John Deere Tractor! Apparently he sprang his ankle. And somehow or another he ended spilling gas all over himself and putting water in the tractor?! What?! Those pieces will have to come together later…hopefully.

They sent Dad home with a boot and he was told to stay off his foot.  He did pretty good following orders….well, pretty good for DAD! Bless him! Then here we are….4 weeks later. He calls me at home, “Kim, I am going to the emergency room. I am in so much pain I can’t stand it.”   His foot? I wasn’t so sure what all this pain was coming from…so off to the ER we went.  They kept him this time. His pain had nothing to do with his foot. Matter of fact, his foot looked rather nice….no swelling and no bruising.  That was a blessing considering he was still on blood thinners and that is always a worry…bleeding on the inside.

Why are they keeping  him? Well, he has cellulitus.  Cellulitis is a skin infection caused by bacteria. Normally, your skin helps protect you from infection. But if you have a cut, sore, or insect bite, bacteria can get into the skin and spread to deeper tissues. If it is not treated with antibiotics, the infection can spread to the blood or lymph nodes. This can be deadly.

Praise the Lord he came to the hospital and Praise the Lord they knew exactly what it was!  Apparently he has a spot from a risen – where the infection has originated.  They put him on antibiotics and scheduled him for surgery.  Surgery?

He came in Tuesday and today is Sunday. For the most part….the days have been pretty quite.  Most visitors come towards the evening.  Preacher is up early…and Brother Jeff was there for the surgery.  I was a bit worried about the surgery.  This is my Daddy. Two heart surgeries…and he is weak…on blood thinners…and so much more going on with him than the norm. Why is he doing all this shaking? He acts like he has Parkinson’s Disease.  I need the comfort of knowledge before I give my okay to let him “go under” (like what I have to say is going to stop anything….Mom is very much capable of handling this!) But still, I needed reassurance nothing was going to happen to him.  This is my Daddy.  I am a Daddy’s girl!

The infection from the cellulitus causes Dad to have chills one minute then sweat profusely the next.  His shaking comes from the infection as well.  The doctors said that after the surgery he would not do those  things any more. He would go back to normal.  His heart is fine….and surgery will be okay.  Whew!!!  I feel better now!

Well, surgery was on Thursday and he is still the same.  The shakes looks like they have gotten worse and he still gets his chills.  The chills are so much that he can’t seem to get a thought out of his mouth without sounding as though he is gasping for air. I thought they said all this would get better……???????

The doctors came in yesterday (Saturday) and said that his kidneys are not filtering out the infection like they should be doing.   So……they changed his meds and if that does not work…they are going to put him on a couple rounds of dialysis.  Dialysis is only temporary.  This is just to get the infection out.  He has been talking pretty loopy too…and I guess this would explain it….if his kidneys are not filtering out the infection…then they are not filtering out the pain meds either.  Possibly loopy from all the anesthesiology still lingering?download (1)

So here we are…..Sunday.  Dad is still in the hospital.  I have worried all this week over everything.  My heart is weary because I am scared that something may happen. But a little girl reminded me………………..

“Mommy, tell me the story of Baby Jesus and Mary (her favorite).  You (re)member he walked like me?! Member Mommy?”

Yes….he did learn to walk like you.

“You (re)member he grew up big and strong?”


“Mary was a good mommy….like you!”

Aww…..thank you honey! I love you too!

“You (re)member he smelled so sweet…….like a baby”

Um…….. (she is putting her own thought on this by now)…..OK

(re)member Mommy?

I am sure Jesus did smell sweet……..

“I smelled him in Big Daddy’s room…………”

You smelled who?

“I smelled Jesus……..Him do smell sweet”

Well, there you have it! My heart is encouraged! Of all the Bible I know….of the length of time the Lord has been a part of my life…..it took a four year old….to remind me the sweetness of God in our lives. AND that no other person including docs….can take better care of Big Daddy than Jesus!  I am so thankful that when the stinch of doubt lingers with me…that the sweet, sweet  smell of Jesus is still in the room for KK to share when I need it most! I am so thankful for all God has given me!

I pray you have a blessed Sunday and have the opportunity to take in the sweet aroma of the Lord Jesus in your life! Remember, HE IS the Lilly of the Valley!



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