I am NOT stable!!!!!

Good evening from the hills of Tennessee! It is beautiful here…and I am loving the relaxing time with my family.  We even met up with a great friend, Carrie, and it was a sweet time of reminiscing.  It is hard to believe that it has been 10 or so years since we have sat down and talked face to face.  Time sure does fly and before you know it, you are many miles between and few phone calls away. I miss my friends.  But know, that no matter how many miles we are a part….you all will always be close to my heart.

We are loving the stay here at the Wilderness Lodge with Kelly and Andy (and Mom and Dad).  It is a blessing to be able to come with them.  We stay in the Presidential Suite and get the opportunity to see the lodges/resorts at a whole different level.  Andy really knows how to use his “points” and work the benefits for them.  He really should go into business to teach others in the Wyndham resorts how to utilize what they have.  He has a brilliant mind!

  ImageToday we went to the indoor water park.  We already enjoyed a little of the dry park with Carrie and her family but today… but today was soooo different! It was exciting! Well, until………..the Walk to the High Rise!

My husband and I have a 5 year old. She is NOT the adventurous type! AT ALL!!!!  So, spending the day at the kiddie pool was NOT my idea of a great time. Although…I really do enjoy watching my sweet pea enjoy her ever so calming moments in the two inch water flat! So…..I convinced my honey and the “Witness” (yes, we call our sweet little girl the “Witness” bc she tells it all!!!) to trudge to the top of the stairs and ride the round tube down with me! “Come on!” I said. “It has a bottom so little bit won’t get wet and it is wide open space! It will be fun!” So, they began the journey to the top.  Walk…..step…step…rest….step…step….convince the “witness” to keep going…step…step…rest….step ….you get the pattern.  We finally made it to the top and we are next up to go.  I look back and NOT 1 but BOTH of my crew look scared to death.  They chicken out and leave me at the top!  TO RIDE ALONE!  Was it really the ride??? or the scale at the top that weighs you before you get in the tube????? Come on!!!! I was mad!  I looked over at the guy and said….really? Do you still need to weigh me? I am sure I meet the weight requirements! With a sad, but weird smile he said, “I know, but you can’t ride alone!”  I don’t know if I was more mad at the fact that he KNEW I met the weight requirement or that I couldn’t ride!!!  (if he only knew what I USED to weigh!!!! BEFORE Plexus!!!!) So, with tears of wanting to kick someone’s butt – I was headed back down the stairs…then I heard an angelic cry……well, more like a goat in distress…coming from the bottom of the resort…. .”KIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM  – we are coming to ride with you!”  The Georgia Clampetes have come to Tennesse! I looked down and saw them stepping on the first step…..I looked over and saw my honey (loosely thought of at that moment) and sweet baby girl (more like blubbering baby girl) are stepping down. Literally I blinked and the crew that was just at the bottom was rounding the corner – of course their eyes were wide open and I hear this weezing sound – Well, all but my sister……it was her good intentions that pushed the rest of them up the stairs while she managed to slide over to the chairs to patiently wait for us at the bottom! However she does it…I love the support of my sister! She always jumps in when I need her!  So into the tube we go….and what a blast!!!! It was so much fun!!!!  Me, Riley, Tori and Andy – kinda wierd at first but at the first little drop and off we go…..it didn’t matter – I was having fun!!!!!  Although, later, my brother-in-law tells me that he was getting sick due to riding the tube, both rounds, facing backwards! Ewww..all I could think of was …I would have been in the direct path of vomit!!!  Oh my grossness!  But none the less….I was thankful they were there to ride the Runaway Canyon with me! What a blast!!! 

After a mind blowing ride down the Runaway Canyon, I headed over to the kiddie pool to make amends with my honey….although….well, if you are married – you know. Sometimes it is just hard to bite the bullet and your tongue….but I did! And better yet….I invited him to the wave pool with me! 🙂 Well, one round of the wave pool and it was fun…..so I thought we should bring the “witness” over and let her join in the fun too!  Me, my honey, the witness, the other witness (my niece), my sister and the tubes…all in the wave pool. What fun! Until the waves started! You see, like I said before…my little one is NOT an adventurous one at all….so we were doing our best to convince her that she was safe…and will not go in the water. She was on the single tube with Chad and I was in the water beside her.  But then I got a great idea to put her in the double tube with me and Chad on both sides of her. Surely she would feel much more safe this way.  WOOOONNNKKK – the waves were coming!!!!  2 seconds in and we were okay…but then my sweet, sweet honey started panicking.  I could see terror on his face.  He then started trying to stand up. “What are you doing?” I yelled.  Every time he stood up…the water was coming up under us and raising us even further into the air and over the waves and in turn~ lowering my bathing suit bottom! They were already big and I was wearing a long shirt to help with modesty. “I am not stable! I am not stable!!!!!!” he yelled back.  “Stop standing up!” I kept telling him.  The “witness” was hanging on for dear life and he was standing up dragging us to the edge of the pool.  The closer he got to the edge….the more out of the water we were!  “What are you doing? We need to be in the water!” I yelled.  “I am not stable, I am NOT stable to be in the water!” He proceeded to tell me…..and ever so sweetly I yelled back “I know you are not stable! Everyone in the park can tell you are NOT stable!” – picture it……two fat folks standing in the middle of the pool with water at our calves, my bathing suit bottom half off…..and this double tube STUCK around our waists! Because we ALL know that thing was NOT fitting over my hips!  “I need to be in the water to get out of this thing~! and YOU are embarrassing me!!!” By this time I was so embarrassed all I could do was laugh to keep from crying!!! What is wrong with this day!!!!?? I thought it was going to be an adventurous day…for the family…not a America’s Funniest Videos for the Wilderness Lodge!!!!  It is the wave pool for goodness sake!!! How hard could this be?! He attempted the Smokin’ Surf Rider and did awesome~! Now the wave pool is hard???? 


 I was so proud of him….he rode those waves like a pro! He was stepping out of his comfort zone – but apparently his comfort zone had tight reigns! There was no way he was going down the water slide or will I ever get back on a double float with him in the wave pool!  Over all, today was a memorable one and the whole family had a smile before the day was at end.  By the end of the wave pool…..I was back in the pool with Kelly and we were drowning because we were laughing so hard at ourselves. You see, while I was being the center of the pool attention (unwillingly) – Kelly was watching from afar and yet trying to get closer to get a better laughing view! (Yes – you ALL know my sister!!!) and while she was doing that…seems the waves were undercatching her too! Every time she would get closer…the waves would pick her up in her float and drag her down under the water and each time she went up and then down…the more she had a wardrobe malfunction herself!  So needless to say I am sure we are on the “watch list” at the family vacation spot here in the Smokey Mountains!

 We are about to eat dinner and trying to decide if we want to do a night ride through the tubes! Will the honey come along? Probably NOT but I WILL GET HIM ON A SLIDE BEFORE THE WEEKS END!  

Happy Monday and while we are missing our friends…..we are loving the mountains and all that it offers!   


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