Back Strap and the “Smoke”ies!

Well, it’s Friday – I think I am kinda sad that this week has come to an end. We have done just about everything….we almost had breakfast with the fire department!  I woke up yesterday morning to a fog of smoke coming through the bedroom door so I  jumped out of bed to see what was the matter!  When into the kitchen in which I heard such a clatter! Mom….cooking bacon!  What is it with cooking bacon that  smokes up the whole house?  Then it happened!  Every smoke alarm in the Presidential Suite (and the rest of the building we are in) went off WITH lights flashing in every room!!!!  Me in my skimpies….(pjs in southern slang) and everyone else opening windows….doors…in  30 degree weather….with hopes that….NOPE..there it was…the KNOCK AT THE DOOR!  The resort Maintenance supervisor! He peeps his head around the corner and sees mom holding a spatula and his face said it all.  He KNEW the Clampetts had come to Tennessee! It is almost as he knew when he saw the room number that it was us! AND he was prepared! He reached around the corner and grabbed a blower and sat it in the kitchen to blow out the patio door!  Who carries a blower around? Wilderness Lodge does when we are here!!!!  “How long before the siren goes off?” Mom asked.  “As soon as the fire department gets here!” he said with a smile.  I just love those smiles they keep giving us!  I wonder if they will line up along the drive when we leave and wave us gone?!  (still giggling about the double tube!)  I don’t know about them…but we most certainly will miss this place!  If you ever have an opportunity to go anywhere in Pigeon Forge… go through Robertson Vacation Station/Wyndham Resorts and stay at the Wilderness Lodge! It gets a top notch star from us!!!! 

Finally the Fire Department came and it took 4 of them to peek in the door and see that all was okay.  Mom, of course, invited them all in for breakfast and I think one actually paused to take her up!  It must have been the smell of the bacon roaming the hallways!  None the less we had enough, but the job must come first! Thank goodness this all happened eight hours away…because our good friend, Captain BethAnn would have given us a class in fire safety and probably made us go through fire school! AND I BELIEVE SHE WOULD HAVE STAYED FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! :o)

The rest of the day was pretty calm with a drive through Cade’s Cove.  We thought it would only take about 30 minutes to get there.  However, apparently we were in for a “three hour tour” (this is one family that probably shouldn’t go on a cruise….can we say Gilligan’s Island all over again???)  Why does one want to take so many pictures of animals we see on a daily basis there at home – I will never know! 

Today is Big Daddy’s birthday and to his surprise…we have visitors coming  to wish him a happy day! Can’t wait for the big party bash tonight! Oh My! What stories I will have for tomorrow…..we will see. We WILL see! 

(you know you want to join in our family vacations from now on….now don’t you?!!!)


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