Plank you very much!

It’s WEDNESDAY….or better yet……..




IT’S HUMP DAY!!!!!!! 

I hope this week has given you new challenges and new goals for your life.  I have a lot that has come into my life these last 6 months…and I will eventually get to them in my blog – but for now, let’s talk about what is on the front page!  PLANKING! Oh my word! Have you tried it? Ugh!   I recently took on a challenge…and when I say recently, I mean like three days ago! Yes, 3 days ago..and I am already complaining! LOL 

I have been on a HEALTH CHALLENGE for about 8 months now…and I am doing amazingly well for the challenge.  (more to come about that – but let’s keep to planking) and to add to my health journey/challenge I added in an exercise routine.  Up until now, I have not exercised at all! NONE, ZILT, Nada….ZERO! ~ And I have lost 40 pounds! (laughing out loud  …because I know you are saying..WHAT???? but I promise…more to come about my weight loss!) Really, hold your impatience…I WILL get to the weight loss, but I have to tell you about my planking experience!

I have seen a few folks post a 24 day BRAZEN FIT Ab Challenge and I thought….oh wow…I can do this… I think I can do this…Oh my….what was I thinking that I could do this! I can’t do this! And that was from just one second of the challenge!

ImageAnd that was just a test drive to see if I could actually do a plank! Just ONE! I couldn’t even start it! I started and ended on the floor!!! But none the less, I was determined!!!!  So on Monday – I started with 5 crunches (not bad…not bad at all – I got this!), 5 leg raises (I didn’t actually do the whole lift due to a bad back..but I did lift to the point just before pain but a strain on the abs) and 10 seconds of planking (come on…lets face it…I thought I was going to die…and the rapid counting of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 was actually 3 seconds…..but I did it! Then I did it again (several times)  later…just so I could feel the victory of completing 10 seconds! It didn’t say it had to be done in once plank!!!!!! – I just keep telling myself that so don’t tell me any different for the moment!)

On Tuesday……it was yet another day of determination….I did 8 crunches (again, NOT BAD), 8 leg raises, and UGH>>>> those darn planks! I was suppose to do 12 seconds of planking….but proudly saying – I completed 10 seconds all in one plank and I did not count AS FAST AS yesterday!!! 

So, here we are on today – HUMP DAY!   Tomorrow I get a day off of exercise! Why? The program said to!…and we don’t need to veer from the program now do we?!  As the sun was peeking through the curtains this morning…and trying its best to pull me out of bed….I began to think – Ugh…another day of that confound PLANK! I didn’t want to get up….I didn’t want to face anther Plank. Then I started telling myself…”It’s  not even working. Do you feel any pain? (other than in the moment?) Do you feel it putting a beat down on your abs? NO…then why do you continue to keep going?”


WHAT?????????????????? 4 WEEKS??? 4 Weeks before anyone sees my work? Even if it is just me..4 weeks???  So, right there in the bed I asked myself once again ….to Plank or not to Plank – that IS the question!  Then it hit me….really, it hit me hard – just as I was trying to lift my leg over the side of the bed….the pain of the strained lower abdominal muscles…screaming out….UGHHHHHH – it burns! It burns!!!!  IT WAS WORKING. IT REALLY WAS WORKING!  I don’t care if I see anything right now….I KNOW I am not going to see it..but I felt it! I felt that muscle screaming out….I am tightening! I am actually trying to pull everything up and in! LOL – So I mustered up as much energy as I could and I pushed through the pain…..well, actually I rolled out of the bed…right on to the floor and started my exercise! Yes, folks…I figured that the less pain I felt..the more I would be determined to continue this torture on my abs! And there I was…on the floor right beside of the bed…sun shining in from the window…my husband snoring in the bed above…and this time around..I started with the ….the….PLANK!   I rolled over on my tummy, pushed myself up on my knees…positioned my arms…and as easy as I could I, I slowly moved my feet back and into planking position.  Hold it….1, …..2….3….4…..5…6…7..ughhhh..8….9…..10…..11……12…..ughhhhh…..13…. 14…..15……..I DID IT!!!! I ACTUALLY DID IT!!! 15 SECONDS! Whoooooo hooooooo!!!!  No, do NOT expect a victory dance in real time…just imagine the dance in my head! MY ABS are BURNING!!!!!  I then finished up with 10 crunches and 10 leg raises.  I found that planking FIRST then finishing up with the rest works so much better!!!!!  Tomorrow is a rest day “Abs-so-Tightly Right! -Rest Day!” And you better believe I am taking that day!

I am proud of myself.  I am on a road to a healthier me…and I am loving it.  I have hit a plateau of just a pound or two a week but I am okay with that.  I am off all my diabetic meds and I extremely stoked about that as well.  I got tired of saying…I want…I need…I wish…and I jumped out there and I did. 

ImageI am on a journey….with some amazing friends and family….and would love for anyone else to join in!  Stay tuned…and I will let you know how it all got started. But for now, I have a few  errands run and a sweet sweet little person to spend the day with!

Image“I am today…what I have been becoming” – tomorrow I want to be better!  


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