It’s Monday and already an uncertain week is ahead of us. My dad is in the ER this morning. They will be keeping him for a couple of days. Please help me in praying for his healing and being back home in better than before condition!

The Lord is good to our little family. We are not perfect, but we earnestly seek Him and strive to be simple and honest in our walk with Him. Sometimes we complicate things so much by putting ourselves right in the middle and that’s not our place! Christ should be the middle. Christ should be what we focus on….not what the world can give to temporarily make us happy…but what is eternal. Now, do I believe you have to be in a dress dragging the ground and sleeves that cover your knuckles? NO! There is nothing wrong with fashion and or presenting yourself in your best way – as long as it is not above Christ and as long as what we wear on our bodies or our faces doesn’t take away from others seeing Christ in us! Modesty is a thing of the past…even in Christians at times.  Someone once told me – (Vonda Kay) “If In Doubt, Do Without!” And what wise advice…that I try to pass on to my child!



My daughter was watching TV. I monitor what she watches and normally the TV doesn’t come on until we can sit down together in the evenings to watch a program or two. This particular day she was up extremely early and I wanted to sleep.  So, I turned on a channel that was normally “safe” for her to watch and let her snuggle up in the bed with me while she enjoyed her program and I hopefully enjoyed 10 more minutes of my feather pillow! Only, what seemed to be a few seconds later….a small hand on my face – what I would like to tell you was a light tapping, but was more like a beat down – saying, “Mommy those girls are not modest! I need another show!” Wow! What an amazing young lady…she’s getting it! Then again, ….CRAAAAAAAP!!!! what a terrible mother – she has watched this program many times and I have NEVER paid attention to their clothing! I was more worried about their mouths and what they were teaching my child verbally when all the while they were also teaching her that it’s okay to dress like that – for others to see what isn’t their business to see.  Praise the Lord that she is picking up what we are teaching…and she is teaching us right back!

I gotta run….will be back for more “converstation” in a bit!

Happy Monday!




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