We do have a lot to be thankful for. 

My dad has been in the hospital for a week. He has been a 20 year diabetic and they had to end of removing a toe this past Thursday.  It has been touch and go as to whether they were going to need to do something more to help heal the infection in his leg…but praise the Lord things are looking up! Dad called me this morning and you could almost see his smile through the phone…as he said…”Today is a GOOD day!” I am blessed to have not only an earthly father that loves me..but an even greater Heavenly Father that knows what I need when I need it! It has been exhausting this week…going back and forth to the hospital and trying to take care of my own little family..but we do what we do because we are family. My parents have been nothing but good to me…and while I am at it…I want to say, God blessed my sister and me with some amazing husbands!  They have really been there for my Dad and Mom. They have willingly done things for them that any other person would wrinkle their noses up at and say…ewww…not me! I am thankful for these two men in our lives and I am so glad God chose us to be their wives!


I think about all the trouble my dad has gone through and I am so blessed to have found Plexus in my life! Those that know me..know I strongly believe in the product that I am taking and I talk about it all the time. Wouldn’t you if you knew you found a found gold nugget that is helping you change for the better? I only wish it would have come much more earlier in my dad’s life. Yes, he is on the product and yes, his sugars are amazing low when he is not in the hospital.  The infection in his body has everything all out of wack, but one thing I am constant on…… is that I will NOT stop with my Plexus. 

I was diagnosed with diabetes 8 years ago. My sugars were normally 275 or greater at times and my addiction to sugary drinks was nothing to snicker at. It was a real addiction! My eating habits are not bad…not bad at all. I had a drinking problem…. A Pepsi problem.  Kicking the habit wasn’t anything I could do on my own. I tried it all…from smoothies to diet pills. Nothing helped. Then Plexus SLIM came along. What an amazing product! It is by all means NOT a miracle pill/drink, but it helped me to put the Pepsi down and pick up water.  I now drink a gallon of water a day. Sometimes I drink more! I do not drink it because I feel I HAVE to…I drink it because I want to. I crave it. I do not crave sweets all the time. Now, if I want a piece of chocolate…I do not deprive myself…I eat a piece.  But NOT a whole bag (large bag) of M&Ms!  We have to be sensible now!

I have lost 40 plus pounds. Plus?! Yes, plus. I hate the scales….because they don’t go fast enough for me…but one thing with Plexus is that it works from the inside—-> out.  I saw the love handles go down long before I saw the scales move!

I wore this shirt on my 40th birthday:


This is me now:


I just turned 41!!!!!  I am amazed at my difference and I am still headed in the right direction!

On closing ….for I am headed to the hospital…..let me leave you with my link to check Plexus out –





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