I don’t know who to say “Thank YOU” to!

I don’t want to take too much time this morning. I feel guilty…no this is not a confession session…but I wanted to apologize for the vast gap between my blog posts! I am sure you are wondering how dad is doing. I will fill you in on that at a later date but for now…he is doing good. We had a few set backs in his year long endeavor with his cellulitis, toes and leg. He is now at home and I must say how proud I am of him and his encouraging attitude through all his troubles.

Although I am thankful to the Lord for all that HE has brought us through with dad, I am not here to talk about dad. I am here to say thank you. To whom? Well, I don’t know. Really. I don’t know!

Yesterday my daughter and I went on a few errand runs for my grandmother. Bless her heart she tries to run everywhere and can barely walk out the door! So, we got a good jump on the day and went to a few shops to pick up all the wrong things for granny (LOL – bless her!).  At one of those shops walked in on two females having a very personal and loud conversation. It was not an argument…just loud girls talking about their…um… personal situations with the opposite sex. No matter where I went with my little in the store…. you could hear their mouths. At first glance they were beautiful girls. One of the heavier nature and one of the …grab a chicken leg, girl you need to eat, nature. But none the less both “looked” rather beautiful and well put together. Their outward appearance was rather nice.  But then….. she opened her mouth!  As soon as the conversation started I knew I had to get isles away because my little princess has large ears! She picks up on everything and doesn’t mind asking questions. However, I encourage questions….I do not like for such little ears to HAVE to WONDER beyond their years. No more than probably 17 themselves…the drama of the conversation and the situations they are in were ….well…..I don’t have words for! (pick your mouth up…off the floor. Sometimes I just can’t find the words to say! I does happen, you know!)

Okay, so there I was, in the middle of the store. I was sporting my bright blue “JESUS paid it ALL” T-Shirt with a nail pierced hand on the front.  As I walk by the females (at this point there is no way I am giving them the title of LADIES), I feel an overwhelming sense to bow my chest out in order to make sure they see my shirt all the while pushing my child along while covering her ears. And so I did.  I even pulled a Vanna White and underlined the name of Jesus on my shirt as I walked by!!!!!! The looks from the females was priceless but didn’t change a thing. They didn’t even stop to catch a breath – I was dodging mouth trash the whole way down the isles while Kaylyn is asking (in a rather loud voice), “Mommy…why we in a hurry? Is the devil chasing us?”  Later on I asked her why she thought the Devil was chasing us and she said, “You said he was there. You said, oooooh… that’s just the devil!” See…she does listen to everything I say! Oh be careful little Mommies what you say!

I thought we had dodged a bullet from the devil with those mouthy harlots until we got in line! ARGH!!!  There I was in line. Praise the Lord Kaylyn was being entertained by the little girl in front of us to pay no never mind to what was going on around us (keep in mind they STILL hear!) I casually looked over my shoulder and there he was. No, not the girls. Oh they were still there..but they were in the isle right behind me. This small gentleman was standing between the isle and another cash register. When I looked over my shoulder…his eyes met mine. He was a rather short black man. Maybe in his late 50s. His eyes were blood shot red. His clothes were not dirty but not neat either. ….and having to live in a world where most do not care what Christianity is like (or play the Christianity game with a Bible in one hand and a liquor bottle in another) – I automatically assumed he was of an intoxicated manner. I am sorry to say that I judged him from his outer appearance in which I quickly dealt with within my own heart! He was all smiles and eyes wide open. Kaylyn didn’t mind it… she gave a sweet big smile back and a gleeful “Hey” and a small wave of the hand. After standing in line for a few seconds…. the sound of those girls started ringing louder. I wish I could explain it…the way it was at that moment….I turned, I caught his glimpse, defeat of such content coming from the mouths behind us on my face…a quick glance back at my little girl…and all this was acknowledged by his facial expression and then I turned back around. It was a quick 2 seconds. Then I heard it…..

“Girls, this is not the place for that. Those things need to be kept in the privacy of your own home. There are little ears around here. You could be better than this.”

My heart smiled.

My heart ached. Those girls had no respect for anyone. As soon as that precious man made his statement one girl made a few quick yells and down the isle she went. It was awful. the disrespect, the worldliness, the lack of common kindness or consideration for children present or for the elderly and this little man never blinked an eye to help without anyone asking.

I paid for my things and turned around to say Thank You and he was gone. He didn’t go out the door. I was making sure of that…I kept my eyes on the door to make sure he didn’t get away without me atleast shaking his hand, giving him money, or something that he needed. I looked around. It was a very small store so I walked to find him. He was nowhere to be found! Where could he have went? There was no restroom. The sign said unavailable. I looked outside. Nothing. No one. Hmm….. then it hit me.

Hebrews 13:2 – Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

He was my angel for the day.

When we least expect it….God always has someone or something there let us know that He is always near.

This child of the KING has been blessed!

Another lesson in modesty for my little one. Modesty is not just in dress.


[mod-ist] Show IPA


1. having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one’s merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness, or great pretensions.
2. free from ostentation or showy extravagance: a modest house.
3. having or showing regard for the decencies of behavior, speech, dress, etc.; decent: a modest neckline on a dress.
4. limited or moderate in amount, extent, etc.: a modest increase in salary.
Beauty without modesty
God bless….and remember…..there are little ones that hear every thing you say…..and be kind to everyone. You may just encounter my angel! 🙂

What Should a 4 Year Old Know?

I have a five year old and I must say…there is nothing more important in my day than spending quality time with her. In today’s time we spend too much time with our computers, cell phones, and video games than our children. We only have them for a moment in time….we blink our eyes and they are grown. Don’t miss it. AND don’t encourage them to get so wrapped up in the electronics either by allowing the video games, movies and tablets to babysit! I love listening to my five year old play house, school and chef with her Barbie dolls. Her imagination is precious to me! I am reblogging A Magical Childhood’s blog entitled What should a 4 Year Old Know? Take time to read it. Then take time to change some things in your family….and act like a family by purposefully spending time with each other. Ohana!….means family…..and family means no one gets left behind (Lilo and Stitch).

A Magical Childhood

What should a 4 year old know?

It’s back to school time and children all over are starting preschool.  Many parents are frantically searching the internet to find out if their little ones are “on track” and know everything they should.

I wrote this article about what a four-year-old should know many years ago but it continues to be the most popular page on the Magical Childhood site.  I don’t think a week has passed in the past eight or so years when I have not received a letter from a parent, grandparent or teacher about it.  Parents and principals especially have said they wish more parents realized these things.

So in honor of the new school year, I’m posting it here…

What should a 4 year old know?

I was on a parenting bulletin board recently and read a post by a mother who was worried that her 4 1/2 year old did not know enough…

View original post 1,194 more words


We do have a lot to be thankful for. 

My dad has been in the hospital for a week. He has been a 20 year diabetic and they had to end of removing a toe this past Thursday.  It has been touch and go as to whether they were going to need to do something more to help heal the infection in his leg…but praise the Lord things are looking up! Dad called me this morning and you could almost see his smile through the phone…as he said…”Today is a GOOD day!” I am blessed to have not only an earthly father that loves me..but an even greater Heavenly Father that knows what I need when I need it! It has been exhausting this week…going back and forth to the hospital and trying to take care of my own little family..but we do what we do because we are family. My parents have been nothing but good to me…and while I am at it…I want to say, God blessed my sister and me with some amazing husbands!  They have really been there for my Dad and Mom. They have willingly done things for them that any other person would wrinkle their noses up at and say…ewww…not me! I am thankful for these two men in our lives and I am so glad God chose us to be their wives!


I think about all the trouble my dad has gone through and I am so blessed to have found Plexus in my life! Those that know me..know I strongly believe in the product that I am taking and I talk about it all the time. Wouldn’t you if you knew you found a found gold nugget that is helping you change for the better? I only wish it would have come much more earlier in my dad’s life. Yes, he is on the product and yes, his sugars are amazing low when he is not in the hospital.  The infection in his body has everything all out of wack, but one thing I am constant on…… is that I will NOT stop with my Plexus. 

I was diagnosed with diabetes 8 years ago. My sugars were normally 275 or greater at times and my addiction to sugary drinks was nothing to snicker at. It was a real addiction! My eating habits are not bad…not bad at all. I had a drinking problem…. A Pepsi problem.  Kicking the habit wasn’t anything I could do on my own. I tried it all…from smoothies to diet pills. Nothing helped. Then Plexus SLIM came along. What an amazing product! It is by all means NOT a miracle pill/drink, but it helped me to put the Pepsi down and pick up water.  I now drink a gallon of water a day. Sometimes I drink more! I do not drink it because I feel I HAVE to…I drink it because I want to. I crave it. I do not crave sweets all the time. Now, if I want a piece of chocolate…I do not deprive myself…I eat a piece.  But NOT a whole bag (large bag) of M&Ms!  We have to be sensible now!

I have lost 40 plus pounds. Plus?! Yes, plus. I hate the scales….because they don’t go fast enough for me…but one thing with Plexus is that it works from the inside—-> out.  I saw the love handles go down long before I saw the scales move!

I wore this shirt on my 40th birthday:


This is me now:


I just turned 41!!!!!  I am amazed at my difference and I am still headed in the right direction!

On closing ….for I am headed to the hospital…..let me leave you with my link to check Plexus out –






It’s Monday and already an uncertain week is ahead of us. My dad is in the ER this morning. They will be keeping him for a couple of days. Please help me in praying for his healing and being back home in better than before condition!

The Lord is good to our little family. We are not perfect, but we earnestly seek Him and strive to be simple and honest in our walk with Him. Sometimes we complicate things so much by putting ourselves right in the middle and that’s not our place! Christ should be the middle. Christ should be what we focus on….not what the world can give to temporarily make us happy…but what is eternal. Now, do I believe you have to be in a dress dragging the ground and sleeves that cover your knuckles? NO! There is nothing wrong with fashion and or presenting yourself in your best way – as long as it is not above Christ and as long as what we wear on our bodies or our faces doesn’t take away from others seeing Christ in us! Modesty is a thing of the past…even in Christians at times.  Someone once told me – (Vonda Kay) “If In Doubt, Do Without!” And what wise advice…that I try to pass on to my child!



My daughter was watching TV. I monitor what she watches and normally the TV doesn’t come on until we can sit down together in the evenings to watch a program or two. This particular day she was up extremely early and I wanted to sleep.  So, I turned on a channel that was normally “safe” for her to watch and let her snuggle up in the bed with me while she enjoyed her program and I hopefully enjoyed 10 more minutes of my feather pillow! Only, what seemed to be a few seconds later….a small hand on my face – what I would like to tell you was a light tapping, but was more like a beat down – saying, “Mommy those girls are not modest! I need another show!” Wow! What an amazing young lady…she’s getting it! Then again, ….CRAAAAAAAP!!!! what a terrible mother – she has watched this program many times and I have NEVER paid attention to their clothing! I was more worried about their mouths and what they were teaching my child verbally when all the while they were also teaching her that it’s okay to dress like that – for others to see what isn’t their business to see.  Praise the Lord that she is picking up what we are teaching…and she is teaching us right back!

I gotta run….will be back for more “converstation” in a bit!

Happy Monday!



Plank you very much!

It’s WEDNESDAY….or better yet……..




IT’S HUMP DAY!!!!!!! 

I hope this week has given you new challenges and new goals for your life.  I have a lot that has come into my life these last 6 months…and I will eventually get to them in my blog – but for now, let’s talk about what is on the front page!  PLANKING! Oh my word! Have you tried it? Ugh!   I recently took on a challenge…and when I say recently, I mean like three days ago! Yes, 3 days ago..and I am already complaining! LOL 

I have been on a HEALTH CHALLENGE for about 8 months now…and I am doing amazingly well for the challenge.  (more to come about that – but let’s keep to planking) and to add to my health journey/challenge I added in an exercise routine.  Up until now, I have not exercised at all! NONE, ZILT, Nada….ZERO! ~ And I have lost 40 pounds! (laughing out loud  …because I know you are saying..WHAT???? but I promise…more to come about my weight loss!) Really, hold your impatience…I WILL get to the weight loss, but I have to tell you about my planking experience!

I have seen a few folks post a 24 day BRAZEN FIT Ab Challenge and I thought….oh wow…I can do this… I think I can do this…Oh my….what was I thinking that I could do this! I can’t do this! And that was from just one second of the challenge!

ImageAnd that was just a test drive to see if I could actually do a plank! Just ONE! I couldn’t even start it! I started and ended on the floor!!! But none the less, I was determined!!!!  So on Monday – I started with 5 crunches (not bad…not bad at all – I got this!), 5 leg raises (I didn’t actually do the whole lift due to a bad back..but I did lift to the point just before pain but a strain on the abs) and 10 seconds of planking (come on…lets face it…I thought I was going to die…and the rapid counting of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 was actually 3 seconds…..but I did it! Then I did it again (several times)  later…just so I could feel the victory of completing 10 seconds! It didn’t say it had to be done in once plank!!!!!! – I just keep telling myself that so don’t tell me any different for the moment!)

On Tuesday……it was yet another day of determination….I did 8 crunches (again, NOT BAD), 8 leg raises, and UGH>>>> those darn planks! I was suppose to do 12 seconds of planking….but proudly saying – I completed 10 seconds all in one plank and I did not count AS FAST AS yesterday!!! 

So, here we are on today – HUMP DAY!   Tomorrow I get a day off of exercise! Why? The program said to!…and we don’t need to veer from the program now do we?!  As the sun was peeking through the curtains this morning…and trying its best to pull me out of bed….I began to think – Ugh…another day of that confound PLANK! I didn’t want to get up….I didn’t want to face anther Plank. Then I started telling myself…”It’s  not even working. Do you feel any pain? (other than in the moment?) Do you feel it putting a beat down on your abs? NO…then why do you continue to keep going?”


WHAT?????????????????? 4 WEEKS??? 4 Weeks before anyone sees my work? Even if it is just me..4 weeks???  So, right there in the bed I asked myself once again ….to Plank or not to Plank – that IS the question!  Then it hit me….really, it hit me hard – just as I was trying to lift my leg over the side of the bed….the pain of the strained lower abdominal muscles…screaming out….UGHHHHHH – it burns! It burns!!!!  IT WAS WORKING. IT REALLY WAS WORKING!  I don’t care if I see anything right now….I KNOW I am not going to see it..but I felt it! I felt that muscle screaming out….I am tightening! I am actually trying to pull everything up and in! LOL – So I mustered up as much energy as I could and I pushed through the pain…..well, actually I rolled out of the bed…right on to the floor and started my exercise! Yes, folks…I figured that the less pain I felt..the more I would be determined to continue this torture on my abs! And there I was…on the floor right beside of the bed…sun shining in from the window…my husband snoring in the bed above…and this time around..I started with the ….the….PLANK!   I rolled over on my tummy, pushed myself up on my knees…positioned my arms…and as easy as I could I, I slowly moved my feet back and into planking position.  Hold it….1, …..2….3….4…..5…6…7..ughhhh..8….9…..10…..11……12…..ughhhhh…..13…. 14…..15……..I DID IT!!!! I ACTUALLY DID IT!!! 15 SECONDS! Whoooooo hooooooo!!!!  No, do NOT expect a victory dance in real time…just imagine the dance in my head! MY ABS are BURNING!!!!!  I then finished up with 10 crunches and 10 leg raises.  I found that planking FIRST then finishing up with the rest works so much better!!!!!  Tomorrow is a rest day “Abs-so-Tightly Right! -Rest Day!” And you better believe I am taking that day!

I am proud of myself.  I am on a road to a healthier me…and I am loving it.  I have hit a plateau of just a pound or two a week but I am okay with that.  I am off all my diabetic meds and I extremely stoked about that as well.  I got tired of saying…I want…I need…I wish…and I jumped out there and I did. 

ImageI am on a journey….with some amazing friends and family….and would love for anyone else to join in!  Stay tuned…and I will let you know how it all got started. But for now, I have a few  errands run and a sweet sweet little person to spend the day with!

Image“I am today…what I have been becoming” – tomorrow I want to be better!  

I borrowed this…..but noted!

I wanted to share something that I read today.  I pulled this from We Are That Family at www.wearethatfamily.com Make sure you go over and check them out!

9 Things We Should Get Rid of to Help Our Kids

March 16, 2014 by

She borrowed something from me.

And then she lost it.

Accidents happen.

But it was the whole “It only cost ten bucks-you can get another one” attitude that I couldn’t let happen a moment longer.

So, I gave her a job that required hard work and gave her the $10 she earned and then I made her pay me for what she lost.

Child counting money (Shallow DOF)

Listen, when I realized I was more than half the problem in this whole entitlement parenting challenge, it was a wake up call. Kids naturally want what they haven’t earned, especially if we are handing it out for free.

But what we have is an entire generation of young adults who got everything they ever wanted with little or no work; we have a cultural norm and it’s a problem.

Because reality is, life doesn’t give us everything we want. We don’t always get the best jobs or a job at all. We don’t always have someone rescue us when we have a bad day or replace our boss just because we don’t like them. We can’t always have what we want when we want it. We aren’t always rewarded in life.

Here are 9 things we can get rid of to begin eliminating entitlement in our children:

1. Guilt: Often we give into our kid’s requests out of guilt. We need to stop feeling guilty for not giving our kids everything they want. It’s hard to swallow, but we foster the attitude of entitlement in our homes when we are ruled by a guilty conscience. It’s okay to ask kids to be responsible for what they lose and to require consequences for actions.

2. Overspending: I think it’s good for our kids to hear us say, “We can’t afford that” Or “We will have to save for it.” Because that’s real life. We don’t have All The Money to Buy All the Things. I’ve known families before who are working multiple jobs to keep kids in extracurricular activities, when honestly, the kids would probably be happier with more family time.

3. Birthday Party Goody Bag (Mentality)-I’ve been guilty of this like most of us. But, really? We take our kids to parties so they can give a gift, but they take a small one home so they won’t feel bad? It’s not their birthday. This concept of spoiling kids (which usually goes far beyond goody  bags) is temporary fun. It’s okay for them not to be the center of attention.

4. Making our day-week-month, our world about our kids-Working in the non-profit world has redirected our extra time. We simply can’t center our lives around our children when we are centering our lives around Christ. Child-centered homes don’t help children in the long-run.

5. The desire to make our children happy (all the time). If you visited my house, you’d find out pretty quickly that someone’s always unhappy. It’s not our job to keep our kids happy. Don’t carry that impossible burden. Typically when our kids are unhappy, it’s because we are standing our ground. And that makes for much healthier kids in the future.

6. Made Up Awards: You know what I’m talking about. Rewarding everyone who participates in every area only fosters an inflated self esteem. Kids don’t need rewards for every little thing. It’s okay to lose, they learn through failure as much as success.

7. Fixing all their problems: I don’t like to see my kids struggling. There’s a part of every parent that longs to make things right in their child’s world. But it’s not healthy to create a false reality. You won’t always be there to do so and not only that, if you’re doing it all for your child, why would they need to learn to do it themselves? Fixing all their problems is really only creating more challenges in the future.

8. Stuff: We could all probably fill a half dozen trash bags with just stuff. Excess. Try it. Bag it up and get your kids to help you and give it to someone who needs it.

9. Unrealistic Expectations: My girls are always asking for manicures. I didn’t have one until I was married, pregnant and 27 years old. I’m not opposed to the occasional treat, but it’s the attitude of expecting it because you as a parent or others have it. Just because I have an iPhone, doesn’t mean my children will get one. We don’t have to give our kids everything we have. It’s okay to make them wait for things in life.

It’s okay to toss out these things. Go ahead, give it a try.

– See more at: http://wearethatfamily.com/2014/03/9-things-we-should-get-rid-of-to-help-our-kids/#sthash.ZLnjRH8W.dBngelQQ.dpuf

Back Strap and the “Smoke”ies!

Well, it’s Friday – I think I am kinda sad that this week has come to an end. We have done just about everything….we almost had breakfast with the fire department!  I woke up yesterday morning to a fog of smoke coming through the bedroom door so I  jumped out of bed to see what was the matter!  When into the kitchen in which I heard such a clatter! Mom….cooking bacon!  What is it with cooking bacon that  smokes up the whole house?  Then it happened!  Every smoke alarm in the Presidential Suite (and the rest of the building we are in) went off WITH lights flashing in every room!!!!  Me in my skimpies….(pjs in southern slang) and everyone else opening windows….doors…in  30 degree weather….with hopes that….NOPE..there it was…the KNOCK AT THE DOOR!  The resort Maintenance supervisor! He peeps his head around the corner and sees mom holding a spatula and his face said it all.  He KNEW the Clampetts had come to Tennessee! It is almost as he knew when he saw the room number that it was us! AND he was prepared! He reached around the corner and grabbed a blower and sat it in the kitchen to blow out the patio door!  Who carries a blower around? Wilderness Lodge does when we are here!!!!  “How long before the siren goes off?” Mom asked.  “As soon as the fire department gets here!” he said with a smile.  I just love those smiles they keep giving us!  I wonder if they will line up along the drive when we leave and wave us gone?!  (still giggling about the double tube!)  I don’t know about them…but we most certainly will miss this place!  If you ever have an opportunity to go anywhere in Pigeon Forge… go through Robertson Vacation Station/Wyndham Resorts and stay at the Wilderness Lodge! It gets a top notch star from us!!!! 

Finally the Fire Department came and it took 4 of them to peek in the door and see that all was okay.  Mom, of course, invited them all in for breakfast and I think one actually paused to take her up!  It must have been the smell of the bacon roaming the hallways!  None the less we had enough, but the job must come first! Thank goodness this all happened eight hours away…because our good friend, Captain BethAnn would have given us a class in fire safety and probably made us go through fire school! AND I BELIEVE SHE WOULD HAVE STAYED FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! :o)

The rest of the day was pretty calm with a drive through Cade’s Cove.  We thought it would only take about 30 minutes to get there.  However, apparently we were in for a “three hour tour” (this is one family that probably shouldn’t go on a cruise….can we say Gilligan’s Island all over again???)  Why does one want to take so many pictures of animals we see on a daily basis there at home – I will never know! 

Today is Big Daddy’s birthday and to his surprise…we have visitors coming  to wish him a happy day! Can’t wait for the big party bash tonight! Oh My! What stories I will have for tomorrow…..we will see. We WILL see! 

(you know you want to join in our family vacations from now on….now don’t you?!!!)