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I wanted to share something that I read today.  I pulled this from We Are That Family at www.wearethatfamily.com Make sure you go over and check them out!

9 Things We Should Get Rid of to Help Our Kids

March 16, 2014 by

She borrowed something from me.

And then she lost it.

Accidents happen.

But it was the whole “It only cost ten bucks-you can get another one” attitude that I couldn’t let happen a moment longer.

So, I gave her a job that required hard work and gave her the $10 she earned and then I made her pay me for what she lost.

Child counting money (Shallow DOF)

Listen, when I realized I was more than half the problem in this whole entitlement parenting challenge, it was a wake up call. Kids naturally want what they haven’t earned, especially if we are handing it out for free.

But what we have is an entire generation of young adults who got everything they ever wanted with little or no work; we have a cultural norm and it’s a problem.

Because reality is, life doesn’t give us everything we want. We don’t always get the best jobs or a job at all. We don’t always have someone rescue us when we have a bad day or replace our boss just because we don’t like them. We can’t always have what we want when we want it. We aren’t always rewarded in life.

Here are 9 things we can get rid of to begin eliminating entitlement in our children:

1. Guilt: Often we give into our kid’s requests out of guilt. We need to stop feeling guilty for not giving our kids everything they want. It’s hard to swallow, but we foster the attitude of entitlement in our homes when we are ruled by a guilty conscience. It’s okay to ask kids to be responsible for what they lose and to require consequences for actions.

2. Overspending: I think it’s good for our kids to hear us say, “We can’t afford that” Or “We will have to save for it.” Because that’s real life. We don’t have All The Money to Buy All the Things. I’ve known families before who are working multiple jobs to keep kids in extracurricular activities, when honestly, the kids would probably be happier with more family time.

3. Birthday Party Goody Bag (Mentality)-I’ve been guilty of this like most of us. But, really? We take our kids to parties so they can give a gift, but they take a small one home so they won’t feel bad? It’s not their birthday. This concept of spoiling kids (which usually goes far beyond goody  bags) is temporary fun. It’s okay for them not to be the center of attention.

4. Making our day-week-month, our world about our kids-Working in the non-profit world has redirected our extra time. We simply can’t center our lives around our children when we are centering our lives around Christ. Child-centered homes don’t help children in the long-run.

5. The desire to make our children happy (all the time). If you visited my house, you’d find out pretty quickly that someone’s always unhappy. It’s not our job to keep our kids happy. Don’t carry that impossible burden. Typically when our kids are unhappy, it’s because we are standing our ground. And that makes for much healthier kids in the future.

6. Made Up Awards: You know what I’m talking about. Rewarding everyone who participates in every area only fosters an inflated self esteem. Kids don’t need rewards for every little thing. It’s okay to lose, they learn through failure as much as success.

7. Fixing all their problems: I don’t like to see my kids struggling. There’s a part of every parent that longs to make things right in their child’s world. But it’s not healthy to create a false reality. You won’t always be there to do so and not only that, if you’re doing it all for your child, why would they need to learn to do it themselves? Fixing all their problems is really only creating more challenges in the future.

8. Stuff: We could all probably fill a half dozen trash bags with just stuff. Excess. Try it. Bag it up and get your kids to help you and give it to someone who needs it.

9. Unrealistic Expectations: My girls are always asking for manicures. I didn’t have one until I was married, pregnant and 27 years old. I’m not opposed to the occasional treat, but it’s the attitude of expecting it because you as a parent or others have it. Just because I have an iPhone, doesn’t mean my children will get one. We don’t have to give our kids everything we have. It’s okay to make them wait for things in life.

It’s okay to toss out these things. Go ahead, give it a try.

– See more at: http://wearethatfamily.com/2014/03/9-things-we-should-get-rid-of-to-help-our-kids/#sthash.ZLnjRH8W.dBngelQQ.dpuf


Back Strap and the “Smoke”ies!

Well, it’s Friday – I think I am kinda sad that this week has come to an end. We have done just about everything….we almost had breakfast with the fire department!  I woke up yesterday morning to a fog of smoke coming through the bedroom door so I  jumped out of bed to see what was the matter!  When into the kitchen in which I heard such a clatter! Mom….cooking bacon!  What is it with cooking bacon that  smokes up the whole house?  Then it happened!  Every smoke alarm in the Presidential Suite (and the rest of the building we are in) went off WITH lights flashing in every room!!!!  Me in my skimpies….(pjs in southern slang) and everyone else opening windows….doors…in  30 degree weather….with hopes that….NOPE..there it was…the KNOCK AT THE DOOR!  The resort Maintenance supervisor! He peeps his head around the corner and sees mom holding a spatula and his face said it all.  He KNEW the Clampetts had come to Tennessee! It is almost as he knew when he saw the room number that it was us! AND he was prepared! He reached around the corner and grabbed a blower and sat it in the kitchen to blow out the patio door!  Who carries a blower around? Wilderness Lodge does when we are here!!!!  “How long before the siren goes off?” Mom asked.  “As soon as the fire department gets here!” he said with a smile.  I just love those smiles they keep giving us!  I wonder if they will line up along the drive when we leave and wave us gone?!  (still giggling about the double tube!)  I don’t know about them…but we most certainly will miss this place!  If you ever have an opportunity to go anywhere in Pigeon Forge… go through Robertson Vacation Station/Wyndham Resorts and stay at the Wilderness Lodge! It gets a top notch star from us!!!! 

Finally the Fire Department came and it took 4 of them to peek in the door and see that all was okay.  Mom, of course, invited them all in for breakfast and I think one actually paused to take her up!  It must have been the smell of the bacon roaming the hallways!  None the less we had enough, but the job must come first! Thank goodness this all happened eight hours away…because our good friend, Captain BethAnn would have given us a class in fire safety and probably made us go through fire school! AND I BELIEVE SHE WOULD HAVE STAYED FOR BREAKFAST!!!!! :o)

The rest of the day was pretty calm with a drive through Cade’s Cove.  We thought it would only take about 30 minutes to get there.  However, apparently we were in for a “three hour tour” (this is one family that probably shouldn’t go on a cruise….can we say Gilligan’s Island all over again???)  Why does one want to take so many pictures of animals we see on a daily basis there at home – I will never know! 

Today is Big Daddy’s birthday and to his surprise…we have visitors coming  to wish him a happy day! Can’t wait for the big party bash tonight! Oh My! What stories I will have for tomorrow…..we will see. We WILL see! 

(you know you want to join in our family vacations from now on….now don’t you?!!!)

Abort Ship! Abort Ship!!!

Good morning from the majestic hills of Tennessee!  There were some snow flurries last night….and it is cold this morning!  I feel like someone beat me with Chad’s billy stick.  I am sore from head to toe!  I snuck out yesterday while the Honey and the Witness were sleeping and joined with the rest of the family ….headed to the slides!!!!!  Don’t feel bad for them…. KK already told me, “I am NOT going back to the wave pool and my daddy NOT going back eeever!!”  So, kiss – kiss and out the door I go!  I was stoked! I was headed to the same slide I went down with Andy and the girls….but this time Kelly is with me!  When we get to the top – winded, jelly like feeling in our legs and eyes dilating to the point of no return – we did a victory dance (in our heads – and even that dance was pitiful!! LOL) that we made it! The girl at the top just smiled!  I think she saw our dance 🙂 “Have you ridden this ride before?” she cheerfully asked.  With all the wind I could muster….and the waving of my hand…”No, but SHE has!” I said. Then that sweet, sweet girl had the nerve to say as I was about to head down this crazy tube with Kelly (we were both in a very large tube with handles everywhere) “Well, you will probably NEVER again! Have fuuuuuun!” she yells as she pushes us off!  Hmmm…not bad. I yell out to Kelly that this might be a good one to get Chad on….she gives me a devilish grin ..then…..the drop happened!  OH MY! I thought I was going to throw up!  Seems the more weight you have in this tube…the faster you go and the more “air” you get! I didn’t think of it, but Kelly was going backwards!  Again, me in the direct path of vomit! What is wrong with our family and their notions to throw up!  We were screaming the whole way..then we were shot into the huge cylinder! Up one wall…..down one wall…and it started all over again. I thought I was going to tumble over the top of Kelly and she was sitting a good 4 feet away from me…directly across!  Then I realized that Kelly had her eyes shut the whole time! What a whimp! She was the one telling me that it was cool…it was fun…nothing to it! Hmmmm…this is  NOT the one I am going to drag Chad on!  I USE THE TERM DRAG VERY LOOSELY!

Whew….so glad that was over. However…I wanted to go again.  BUT off to the wave pool first!!!!! As Kelly and I are walking into the pool up creeps a double tube! LOL the giggles started all over again.  Then it hit me. I should have worn another water outfit so these folks would not be able to recognize me! What was I thinking! I begin to look around and make sure there are no posters of us on the walls!

The wave pool was fun.  Relaxing even.  Then the waves started! Kelly on one tube…me on another and Riley in the water. It wasn’t so bad – the waves were rough…but I thought it was going quite well until I heard “Abort ship! Abort – Abort!!!!!!!  What? What is going on? Why is she…..oh my! That stupid suit! I have got to get another one! 🙂  However, the more Kelly yelled abort ship…the more everyone around us looked! Shut up Kelly! Shut up! Abort Ship!!!! Abort Shiiiiiiipppp!!!!! LOL – I am sure I will be the poster child for Wilderness Lodge and I am sure we are going to Walmart today for another suit! But on the plus size….Plexus is working!!! 🙂 

I thought I learned my lesson and yet another slide was in my site.  Kelly wanted to go down the smaller slide and convinced me to head over with her! Okay…but I am worn out from the wave pool.  It takes a lot of energy to man yourself against the pressures of those waves! Many times even riding the tubes would beat you up! So, out of the wave pool I go and trudge my way to the top with Kelly. Again, weezing, jelly like legs…and a desire to just lay out there at the top once we finally made it – what was I thinking? Why am I doing this to myself?! The poor SKINNY guy at the top just looked at us. Wasn’t he just at the bottom around the wave pool? How did he get up here so fast? Where is that confound elevator they are NOT telling us about! I was ready to shake it out of him!!! While I was mentally giving this kid a beat down… to tell me where the elevator was at…Kelly was already on a tube and down the shoot! “She said you need to get on this one.” the kid said. “Why?” I asked.  With a scared look on his face…”because it is dark?” No way! Put me in this tube and let me see where I was going! Stll winded and thinking that my heart rate should be coming down while I ride this kiddie ride down (it’s a single tube rather than a huge four person tube) – I get in the tube…and once I was pushed up to the beginning of the slide…and started on my run down – there was suction on my tail end that told me ….HOLD ON!  Immediately the lights went out and the adrenalin that raises your heart rate even more…made me feel like I was having an asthma attack! LOL – I stayed calm as best I could…but my eyes were shut the whole way until I bailed out at the bottom!  When I hit that water and flipped my butt out the tube…I just laid there. I wanted someone to pick me up in those handicapped lifts they had and put me in a chair! LOL – I think two rides for the day was enough for me! My fair advice for those who love the wave pool….STAY IN IT! DO NOT DO TUBES! LOL – reality is…rest before you go. I am sure I will venture out to the slides again tomorrow.  But today…is a no swim day. I feel like I have been kicked in the butt by a mule!  Dixie Stampeed tonight – that should be easy! But then again, we are the Georgia Clampetes in Tennessee!  

Chad and KK finally made it down to the pool….and I could have sworn I heard a “maybe” from him when I said, “you gonna go down a slide with me this week?” We will see…..we will see! But one thing is for sure – NO DOUBLE TUBES IN OUR FUTURE!

I am NOT stable!!!!!

Good evening from the hills of Tennessee! It is beautiful here…and I am loving the relaxing time with my family.  We even met up with a great friend, Carrie, and it was a sweet time of reminiscing.  It is hard to believe that it has been 10 or so years since we have sat down and talked face to face.  Time sure does fly and before you know it, you are many miles between and few phone calls away. I miss my friends.  But know, that no matter how many miles we are a part….you all will always be close to my heart.

We are loving the stay here at the Wilderness Lodge with Kelly and Andy (and Mom and Dad).  It is a blessing to be able to come with them.  We stay in the Presidential Suite and get the opportunity to see the lodges/resorts at a whole different level.  Andy really knows how to use his “points” and work the benefits for them.  He really should go into business to teach others in the Wyndham resorts how to utilize what they have.  He has a brilliant mind!

  ImageToday we went to the indoor water park.  We already enjoyed a little of the dry park with Carrie and her family but today… but today was soooo different! It was exciting! Well, until………..the Walk to the High Rise!

My husband and I have a 5 year old. She is NOT the adventurous type! AT ALL!!!!  So, spending the day at the kiddie pool was NOT my idea of a great time. Although…I really do enjoy watching my sweet pea enjoy her ever so calming moments in the two inch water flat! So…..I convinced my honey and the “Witness” (yes, we call our sweet little girl the “Witness” bc she tells it all!!!) to trudge to the top of the stairs and ride the round tube down with me! “Come on!” I said. “It has a bottom so little bit won’t get wet and it is wide open space! It will be fun!” So, they began the journey to the top.  Walk…..step…step…rest….step…step….convince the “witness” to keep going…step…step…rest….step ….you get the pattern.  We finally made it to the top and we are next up to go.  I look back and NOT 1 but BOTH of my crew look scared to death.  They chicken out and leave me at the top!  TO RIDE ALONE!  Was it really the ride??? or the scale at the top that weighs you before you get in the tube????? Come on!!!! I was mad!  I looked over at the guy and said….really? Do you still need to weigh me? I am sure I meet the weight requirements! With a sad, but weird smile he said, “I know, but you can’t ride alone!”  I don’t know if I was more mad at the fact that he KNEW I met the weight requirement or that I couldn’t ride!!!  (if he only knew what I USED to weigh!!!! BEFORE Plexus!!!!) So, with tears of wanting to kick someone’s butt – I was headed back down the stairs…then I heard an angelic cry……well, more like a goat in distress…coming from the bottom of the resort…. .”KIIIIIIIIIMMMMMM  – we are coming to ride with you!”  The Georgia Clampetes have come to Tennesse! I looked down and saw them stepping on the first step…..I looked over and saw my honey (loosely thought of at that moment) and sweet baby girl (more like blubbering baby girl) are stepping down. Literally I blinked and the crew that was just at the bottom was rounding the corner – of course their eyes were wide open and I hear this weezing sound – Well, all but my sister……it was her good intentions that pushed the rest of them up the stairs while she managed to slide over to the chairs to patiently wait for us at the bottom! However she does it…I love the support of my sister! She always jumps in when I need her!  So into the tube we go….and what a blast!!!! It was so much fun!!!!  Me, Riley, Tori and Andy – kinda wierd at first but at the first little drop and off we go…..it didn’t matter – I was having fun!!!!!  Although, later, my brother-in-law tells me that he was getting sick due to riding the tube, both rounds, facing backwards! Ewww..all I could think of was …I would have been in the direct path of vomit!!!  Oh my grossness!  But none the less….I was thankful they were there to ride the Runaway Canyon with me! What a blast!!! 

After a mind blowing ride down the Runaway Canyon, I headed over to the kiddie pool to make amends with my honey….although….well, if you are married – you know. Sometimes it is just hard to bite the bullet and your tongue….but I did! And better yet….I invited him to the wave pool with me! 🙂 Well, one round of the wave pool and it was fun…..so I thought we should bring the “witness” over and let her join in the fun too!  Me, my honey, the witness, the other witness (my niece), my sister and the tubes…all in the wave pool. What fun! Until the waves started! You see, like I said before…my little one is NOT an adventurous one at all….so we were doing our best to convince her that she was safe…and will not go in the water. She was on the single tube with Chad and I was in the water beside her.  But then I got a great idea to put her in the double tube with me and Chad on both sides of her. Surely she would feel much more safe this way.  WOOOONNNKKK – the waves were coming!!!!  2 seconds in and we were okay…but then my sweet, sweet honey started panicking.  I could see terror on his face.  He then started trying to stand up. “What are you doing?” I yelled.  Every time he stood up…the water was coming up under us and raising us even further into the air and over the waves and in turn~ lowering my bathing suit bottom! They were already big and I was wearing a long shirt to help with modesty. “I am not stable! I am not stable!!!!!!” he yelled back.  “Stop standing up!” I kept telling him.  The “witness” was hanging on for dear life and he was standing up dragging us to the edge of the pool.  The closer he got to the edge….the more out of the water we were!  “What are you doing? We need to be in the water!” I yelled.  “I am not stable, I am NOT stable to be in the water!” He proceeded to tell me…..and ever so sweetly I yelled back “I know you are not stable! Everyone in the park can tell you are NOT stable!” – picture it……two fat folks standing in the middle of the pool with water at our calves, my bathing suit bottom half off…..and this double tube STUCK around our waists! Because we ALL know that thing was NOT fitting over my hips!  “I need to be in the water to get out of this thing~! and YOU are embarrassing me!!!” By this time I was so embarrassed all I could do was laugh to keep from crying!!! What is wrong with this day!!!!?? I thought it was going to be an adventurous day…for the family…not a America’s Funniest Videos for the Wilderness Lodge!!!!  It is the wave pool for goodness sake!!! How hard could this be?! He attempted the Smokin’ Surf Rider and did awesome~! Now the wave pool is hard???? 


 I was so proud of him….he rode those waves like a pro! He was stepping out of his comfort zone – but apparently his comfort zone had tight reigns! There was no way he was going down the water slide or will I ever get back on a double float with him in the wave pool!  Over all, today was a memorable one and the whole family had a smile before the day was at end.  By the end of the wave pool…..I was back in the pool with Kelly and we were drowning because we were laughing so hard at ourselves. You see, while I was being the center of the pool attention (unwillingly) – Kelly was watching from afar and yet trying to get closer to get a better laughing view! (Yes – you ALL know my sister!!!) and while she was doing that…seems the waves were undercatching her too! Every time she would get closer…the waves would pick her up in her float and drag her down under the water and each time she went up and then down…the more she had a wardrobe malfunction herself!  So needless to say I am sure we are on the “watch list” at the family vacation spot here in the Smokey Mountains!

 We are about to eat dinner and trying to decide if we want to do a night ride through the tubes! Will the honey come along? Probably NOT but I WILL GET HIM ON A SLIDE BEFORE THE WEEKS END!  

Happy Monday and while we are missing our friends…..we are loving the mountains and all that it offers!   

I Smelled Jesus!

Its been very hard to be of a quiet spirit here lately.  God is good about giving us the right things when we need them and my four year old is usually the vessel He chooses to use!  With my Daddy in the hospital and me stuffed up….my spirits have been down. My heart has been worrisome and my mind….well….it’s there half of the time.  As some of you may know, my Dad has been having quite the difficulties with his health.  About 4 weeks ago he  went to the emergency room with a swollen leg and pain shooting upward.  My first thought was heart.  I automatically think heart because of all the difficulties he has had in the past with his heart. After all, he HAS been through two heart surgeries! Upon arrival at the ER, we found out that Dad fell. Fell?? What?? Dad has a way of not sharing these things with us. I learn a lot by being in Sunday School Class with him….he forgets that I am there when he starts “sharing”.  Back to the fall…. he fell while trying to get on the big John Deere Tractor! Apparently he sprang his ankle. And somehow or another he ended spilling gas all over himself and putting water in the tractor?! What?! Those pieces will have to come together later…hopefully.

They sent Dad home with a boot and he was told to stay off his foot.  He did pretty good following orders….well, pretty good for DAD! Bless him! Then here we are….4 weeks later. He calls me at home, “Kim, I am going to the emergency room. I am in so much pain I can’t stand it.”   His foot? I wasn’t so sure what all this pain was coming from…so off to the ER we went.  They kept him this time. His pain had nothing to do with his foot. Matter of fact, his foot looked rather nice….no swelling and no bruising.  That was a blessing considering he was still on blood thinners and that is always a worry…bleeding on the inside.

Why are they keeping  him? Well, he has cellulitus.  Cellulitis is a skin infection caused by bacteria. Normally, your skin helps protect you from infection. But if you have a cut, sore, or insect bite, bacteria can get into the skin and spread to deeper tissues. If it is not treated with antibiotics, the infection can spread to the blood or lymph nodes. This can be deadly.

Praise the Lord he came to the hospital and Praise the Lord they knew exactly what it was!  Apparently he has a spot from a risen – where the infection has originated.  They put him on antibiotics and scheduled him for surgery.  Surgery?

He came in Tuesday and today is Sunday. For the most part….the days have been pretty quite.  Most visitors come towards the evening.  Preacher is up early…and Brother Jeff was there for the surgery.  I was a bit worried about the surgery.  This is my Daddy. Two heart surgeries…and he is weak…on blood thinners…and so much more going on with him than the norm. Why is he doing all this shaking? He acts like he has Parkinson’s Disease.  I need the comfort of knowledge before I give my okay to let him “go under” (like what I have to say is going to stop anything….Mom is very much capable of handling this!) But still, I needed reassurance nothing was going to happen to him.  This is my Daddy.  I am a Daddy’s girl!

The infection from the cellulitus causes Dad to have chills one minute then sweat profusely the next.  His shaking comes from the infection as well.  The doctors said that after the surgery he would not do those  things any more. He would go back to normal.  His heart is fine….and surgery will be okay.  Whew!!!  I feel better now!

Well, surgery was on Thursday and he is still the same.  The shakes looks like they have gotten worse and he still gets his chills.  The chills are so much that he can’t seem to get a thought out of his mouth without sounding as though he is gasping for air. I thought they said all this would get better……???????

The doctors came in yesterday (Saturday) and said that his kidneys are not filtering out the infection like they should be doing.   So……they changed his meds and if that does not work…they are going to put him on a couple rounds of dialysis.  Dialysis is only temporary.  This is just to get the infection out.  He has been talking pretty loopy too…and I guess this would explain it….if his kidneys are not filtering out the infection…then they are not filtering out the pain meds either.  Possibly loopy from all the anesthesiology still lingering?download (1)

So here we are…..Sunday.  Dad is still in the hospital.  I have worried all this week over everything.  My heart is weary because I am scared that something may happen. But a little girl reminded me………………..

“Mommy, tell me the story of Baby Jesus and Mary (her favorite).  You (re)member he walked like me?! Member Mommy?”

Yes….he did learn to walk like you.

“You (re)member he grew up big and strong?”


“Mary was a good mommy….like you!”

Aww…..thank you honey! I love you too!

“You (re)member he smelled so sweet…….like a baby”

Um…….. (she is putting her own thought on this by now)…..OK

(re)member Mommy?

I am sure Jesus did smell sweet……..

“I smelled him in Big Daddy’s room…………”

You smelled who?

“I smelled Jesus……..Him do smell sweet”

Well, there you have it! My heart is encouraged! Of all the Bible I know….of the length of time the Lord has been a part of my life…..it took a four year old….to remind me the sweetness of God in our lives. AND that no other person including docs….can take better care of Big Daddy than Jesus!  I am so thankful that when the stinch of doubt lingers with me…that the sweet, sweet  smell of Jesus is still in the room for KK to share when I need it most! I am so thankful for all God has given me!

I pray you have a blessed Sunday and have the opportunity to take in the sweet aroma of the Lord Jesus in your life! Remember, HE IS the Lilly of the Valley!


Wounded Soldiers….and one proud wife!


“When I lay my head down every night and I go to sleep in peace. I can stay there knowing all is well while you’re standing on your feet. Thank you! Oh, thank you! men and women and brave and strong…”

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and I am so proud to say that even though my husband has not served in the Military….what a privilege he had to escort the wounded soldiers to the Island, yesterday.  Folks from all walks of life were lined up along the roads with red, white and blue ….flags waving in the breeze and hands waving in sure pride to those that have served and are serving each and every day to protect what we, sometimes, take for granted — FREEDOM!

And to all those wearing the blue or whatever color they represent….equally proud of you as well. Thank you for being willing to be in the middle of the danger so that we don’t have to!


I am one proud wife! What a privilege to stand next to a man that gives his all to protect those around him! He is third generation police and with the number of his father behind his badge….what a roll to follow in! May the Lord continue to bless and protect him on a day to day basis! I know that Veteran’s Day is not geared towards the local police, but as we think of those that SERVE on a day to day basis….may we not forget those that serve on a local basis as well!


Black Friday and all that CRAZY!!!

Good morning! It’s a crisp Saturday morning here….in the Coastal Region and I am up waaay too early! My back is out and what I was hoping for was a good morning to sleep in.  But I am fine with time to write and prepare for the upcoming Black Friday Deals! Yes, indeed….my crazy family gets me up at the most insane hour and we go shopping!!!   Last year we were in Myrtle Beach and I will tell you, if you ever get a chance to spend Thanksgiving in Myrtle Beach (or live there) – it is the best place to shop.  I try NOT to venture out into Walmart during Black Friday, but in Myrtle Beach we were greeted with a smile and a map….then we were on our way to every item we wished to find.  We even had folks handing us items as we approached the shelf/bind!!!!  There were no lines…no crazy old women pushing their way through or backwoods, half dressed women diving into the big boxes of pillows and sheets where you see “everything” as they search for what they want.  Every now and then you get hit by sheets being thrown in a crazy manner to everyone surrounding the binds.  It’s crazy!!!!  Folks get inhumane during this time of year! When did it become about sales and “stuff” and not about Family…..time together……and most importantly, Jesus?! And it is only going to get worse! But, here I am…searching ads for Black Friday.  Yes, I am crazy too!


Putting Black Friday to the side……I will have to finish our little time together…..my sweet baby girl just woke up…rather early on a Saturday morning.  She didn’t sleep very well.  So, loving time begins right now.  Have a blessed Saturday.